The castle of Moulinsart is a castle located in the fictional place of the same name and imagined by Hergé for his series of comic book The Adventures of Tintin. Tintin is the host of Captain Haddock at the end of the series. But Moulinsart does exist in real life !


The Domaine de Cheverny can be visited by the public since 1922. It is the first French chateau to have been opened to visitors. Many activities are available inside to delight the visitors, and even outside: discover the sumptuous Botanical Park and walk along the flowered paths. A visit of the kennels is also available, for the happiness of young and old! This castle of the Loire is a place to visit at all costs, you will not be disappointed by its splendor! Discover the French life of yesteryear. Indeed, the Loire castle retraces the history of France by explaining to visitors how the bourgeoisie used to live. For children between the ages of seven and fourteen, it is possible to participate in a game: it will be enough for them to decode a sentence thanks to their sense of observation and their memory.


It is in the album Le Secret de La Licorne that the castle appears for the first time. Tintin first discovers vast undergrounds where he is held prisoner. In May 1942, during which Hergé prepared the adventure, the press echoed archaeological excavations in the Romanesque crypt of Nivelles and the abbey of Saint Martin de Tournai. They are perhaps a source of inspiration of the places designed by Hergé.


Tintin then discovers the upper parts of the castle including the staircase of honor and the room on the floor from which he calls Captain Haddock. The chimney of this room is inspired by that of the king's chamber at the castle of Cheverny, of which Hergé used a tourist brochure. He created this whole world without visiting the castle. It is in this room that Tintin discovers the name of the place, Moulinsart. The book’s castle is an exact replica of the castle of Cheverny to which one would have removed the two imposing side pavilions. In the English translations, the castle is named Marlinspike Hall, marlinspike meaning "épissoir", an allusion to the dynasty of sailors from which Captain Haddock


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